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Newborn photography is more than just capturing a moment in time, it's about preserving a memory that will last a lifetime. These photographs will be a treasure that you will cherish forever.


In the chaos and exhaustion of those first weeks, it's easy to overlook the tiny details that make a newborn so special. The wrinkles on their hands and feet, the curve of their nose, and the way they curl their fingers. I will capture these details and freeze them in time, so you can always look back and remember how tiny and perfect your baby once was.


In short, newborn photography is a way to capture and preserve the precious memories of a baby's early days and the special bond between parent and child. 




- consultation;

- customer support with me;

- helping with posing during the shoot;

- photo session for 1 hour;

- Such filming is usually done on the day of discharge from the hospital or during the first days at home;

- All material (photos) in high resolution delivered within 1-3 days (typically 200+ files**);

- 25 photos with enhanced correction (skin, details etc);

Every extra edited picture is $25/pic ;


- Uber fee if the location is outside of Manhattan area.



- consultation;

- customer support with me;

- helping with posing during the shoot;

- photo session for 2 hours;

- attributes for a newborn (posing bag, wrap);

- All material (photos) in high resolution delivered within 1-3 days (typically 200+ files**);

- 35 photos with enhanced correction (skin, details etc);

Every extra edited picture is $25/pic ;


There are two types of newborn photography. The first is natural studio newborn photography and lifestyle newborn photography.

Natural newborn photography is done in a studio. With some natural light, on a white background and with attributes for the baby's positioning and wrapping.

The second type: Lifestyle Photography - usually takes place either a few hours before discharge from hospital or in the first few days at home. It is natural, with no wrapping or unnecessary attributes. And because these photos are less complicated to process, there are more photos in the package. 


If you wish, we can combine both types of shoot. I can bring part of the studio to your home. However, there will be an additional charge for the taxi. 

Being a mother myself and having a lot of experience with children, I understand how much you want everything to go smoothly and comfortably during the shoot. That's why I always try to be well organized and tactful. I will treat your children with great love, as if they were my own. My main secret is to always have warm hands. Children warm up in my hands and feel as safe as on their mother's breast, which makes them calm down and trust me. I do not use dangerous positions that could be harmful to the baby's health. 

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How the shoot goes. 


The first thing I do before I start is change into clean clothes and make sure I disinfect my hands. Everything I use for the shoot is always washed and sparkling clean. Before I arrive, the children have to be well fed. During this time, the babies sleep well and all the movements and transfers we make will not wake them up. But if the baby turns out not to be a spitter, then I adjust the shooting and shoot in the way the baby likes best. Then the shooting starts with alternating shots: the child alone, with mum, with dad, with the three of them. I always shoot in such a way that if one of the models gets tired, we still have a whole series of shots from which we can later make a beautiful photo book to remind the baby and the parents of the beginning of a new life in their family. 

When is the best time to take these photos? 


According to my research, the best time to take these photos is between the 1st and the 12th day of a baby's life. Later, babies sleep more sensually, like to stretch their legs, or their tummy starts to bother them. 

What do you need for a shoot like this? 


First of all, you need to be in a good mood, because this is the day we will be capturing precious moments. You will need a white dress for mum, a white shirt or t-shirt for dad and a white body for the baby. If you need my advice on what to wear, I will be happy to help. It would be perfect if mum had a light make-up and hairstyle. If you are giving a dummy, it is better to take it with you. If you can bring not only the breast, but also a bottle of formula or expressed milk, I will be very grateful. That way we will spend less time feeding the main model. If we are talking about shooting at home, it would also be great to have white bedding, because babies look more harmonious on white. 

When will I receive the photos? 


Within three days of the shoot I will send you all the original photos and you can choose which ones you would like to have edited. As far as the deadline is concerned, you will have one week. If I do not receive a list of photos from you within a week, I will simply do it for you. It will take me about 14 days from the date of selection to process them. 


If I want more photos. 

It is possible. I will be happy to make additional processed photos at a cost of $25 per photo. 


How do I book? 


To make a booking I need to know the approximate date of the baby's birth so that I can hold a window for you on the approximate days. And a $100 deposit. And that's it. Then we just wait for the birth, and once the baby is in your arms, the next day we can choose a day that is convenient for all of us. 

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